John, 19, UK.

Inspirational quote to head up the blog from ALD.

Emilia Clarke.
Aubrey Plaza.
Emmy Rossum.

Grey DeLisle is the one true queen of the world.

Summary of this blog is as follows:
Naked people.
Attractive people.
Tattoos and Piercings.
Star Wars.
Film stuff.
TV show stuff. Lots of TV show stuff.
Fandom stuff.
Music + Lyrics.
Also, more stuff.

TV shows I watch/have watched and can remember to mention:

Firefly (Plz more)
Spartacus (So many dead characters I want back)
Game of Thrones (Read the books!)
Suits (Harvey Specter. That is all)
House of Cards (Lol, Zoe.)
Arrow (S1 was good. S2 is superb.)
Marvel's Agents of Shield (Kind of just watch it b/c Superheroes)
The Originals (Please don't fall into the horrible trend that TVD did)
Supernatural (S6 onwards has been pale in comparison to S1-5)
Shameless US (Hi Emmy Rossum)
True Detective (#McConaissance)
Heroes (Season 1 only...)
TVD (Though it got awful from S4 onwards)

One day I'll properly watch Breaking Bad.

Sometimes I write...well, often really, since that's what I do at Uni. I write lots.

"Imma Imma cyclone"

Motto in life: "Everything's Relative"

And I'll be laying in the sun. Bottle and a Gun.

Okay and twitter which you should definitely follow right about now:

4th August 2013

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There’s no people like show people.

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