John, 19, UK.

Inspirational quote to head up the blog from ALD.

Emilia Clarke.
Aubrey Plaza.
Emmy Rossum.

Grey DeLisle is the one true queen of the world.

Summary of this blog is as follows:
Naked people.
Attractive people.
Tattoos and Piercings.
Star Wars.
Film stuff.
TV show stuff. Lots of TV show stuff.
Fandom stuff.
Music + Lyrics.
Also, more stuff.

TV shows I watch/have watched and can remember to mention:

Firefly (Plz more)
Spartacus (So many dead characters I want back)
Game of Thrones (Read the books!)
Suits (Harvey Specter. That is all)
House of Cards (Lol, Zoe.)
Arrow (S1 was good. S2 is superb.)
Marvel's Agents of Shield (Kind of just watch it b/c Superheroes)
The Originals (Please don't fall into the horrible trend that TVD did)
Supernatural (S6 onwards has been pale in comparison to S1-5)
Shameless US (Hi Emmy Rossum)
True Detective (#McConaissance)
Heroes (Season 1 only...)
TVD (Though it got awful from S4 onwards)

One day I'll properly watch Breaking Bad.

Sometimes I write...well, often really, since that's what I do at Uni. I write lots.

"Imma Imma cyclone"

Motto in life: "Everything's Relative"

And I'll be laying in the sun. Bottle and a Gun.

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30th August 2014

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Bc boobs


Bc boobs


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idk i really like being called cute but i also really like hearing that you masturbate to the thought of me idk

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Devour her. She needs to feel your power over her.

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It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. It’s like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down through the air and there’s a sickly moment of dark surprise.

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30th August 2014

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Anonymous said: Hi I was wondering about the M.I.A picture you reblogged. I understand that Western Europeans switched the meaning, but isnt it still offensive to the families effected by the holocaust?


Tumblr user timsaturday left an informative comment on that post:

This isn’t a Nazi Swastika what so ever, as a JEW I can recognize this unlike some people.
Gonna quote straight from wikipedia here.

It is a symbol among the ancient Celts, Indians, and Greeks,[2]as well as in later Buddhism,[4]Jainism,[5]Hinduism,[6][4]and Nazism,[3][4]among other cultures and religions.[4][2]

The word swastika derives from the Sanskrit root ssu(“Good”),asti(“to be”),[4][6]andka(making)[6]The older term gammadion cross derives from its appearance, which is identical to four Greek gamma letters affixed to each other.

What I find interesting is that this is actually a very very good representation of what can happen when white people culturally appropriate something.

The Swastika, long before the Nazis came about and started brandishing their own bastardization of it, had a strong religious and cultural significance to a LOT of people.

It didn’t represent anything evil, it didn’t represent a dictatorship that perpetuated one of the most well known genocides taught today.

It only started having this horrible association in the 1920’s when the Nazi party appropriated it as for their logo.

White people, white supremacists, taking something with an already well established past and meaning; and placing their own over it.

Because of these people, swastikas that do not have anything to do with the Nazi party are demonized in most people’s eyes because they don’t know any better, because white people wiped out it’s original meaning in white culture.

People seriously need to learn some history.
THIS is the sort of damage that cultural appropriation can do in the long run.

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30th August 2014

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Donald Andrews Jr. A Black man  and Business Owner from New York was cleared just last April After being Arrested on Drugs Charges in Scotia, New York.    Police were “suspicious” of Donald Andrews Jr.’s store, which sells incense and smoking paraphernalia, and sent undercover informants several times in March. In one of the informants visits he is seen on Andrews hidden camera planting Crack Cocaine on the counter in Andrews Store.

Andrews was arrested in April  2013 and cleared only after he asked a Grand Jury to watch the surveillance footage from his store. The informant used a cellphone photo he took of the planted drugs as evidence that Andrews was dealing, leading to his arrest.


The police claim that the informant has now “fled” and they haven’t found his whereabouts. The sheriff “claims” his investigators didn’t purposely frame Andrews and have the “informant” out to be some rogue agent.

FYI this same “informant” has lead to seven other drug-related arrests the Report says. 

Sounds like a Movie right? But yall still out here calling people “conspiracy theorists”. 

Andrews is now in the process of suing NYPD.

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Nice! Stick I too em.

Police planting crack to lock up Black people is no conspiracy theory. It’s American History (1980-present).

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30th August 2014

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The sensual life - nothing else is an option for the ballerina bondage fairy.


The sensual life - nothing else is an option for the ballerina bondage fairy.

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30th August 2014

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